Being an Oncology Nurse, I have the unique opportunity to get to know people during a very difficult time of their lives. I learn so much from these interactions. Many times, they become like family or good friends. And more often than not, they share wonderful nuggets of wisdom and great life perspective.

One day, an older woman I’d become particularly close to, grabbed both of my hands, looked me dead in the eyes and said “Mallory, you have got to take care of yourself. Do something every day that is just for you. Take a bath if that’s what you love. Drink your favorite tea. Do something. It is so important to take care of yourself.” She meant it with every ounce of her being. So any time that I have little home pampering nights, I hope that I’m making her proud.

That being said, let’s get into my favorite pampering products. It all starts with the store Lush. Ohhhh Lush. How I love that place. I love just wandering around in there. Trying the products. Smelling the smells. It’s addicting, that place. When you go, make sure to ask for tutorials, and samples, and anything that looks exciting. There’s a billion workers that are always ready and willing to help (which can sometimes be overwhelming… but take advantage my friends!) Anytime I feel like having a home spa night, that’s my spot.

Without further ado, here’s some of my favorite products;

The “Damaged” hair mask.

I don’t think I’ve had my natural color of hair since the 7th grade. Coloring my hair could be an addiction. Because of this, my hair needs some serious TLC. I’ve tried several hair masks, and this is by far one of my favorites! My hair feels so soft and silky after using it. Upgrade from your basic coconut oil and use this hair mask. Coconut oil ain’t got nothing on this.

The only tricky part with this mask is the preparation. It comes as a solid treatment on a stick. You then add boiling water to a container and stir the treatment around, letting it dissolve into the water. It will turn into a thick paste. It is SUPER important that your water is BOILING, otherwise, you’ll get a chunky hair mask that is less than impressive. Nobody wants chunks in their hair. I’ve found that adding about 8 oz of boiling water will get you the consistency you want. Let it cool a bit, then slather it in your hair and soak up that moisturizing goodness.

Next, we have the fresh face masks! Now, the only issue is you can only purchase these in a store as they have to be kept refrigerated. There are tons of fun options that you can smell and feel in store and pick the one that is best for your skin concerns.

One of my favorites is the Brazened Honey


If you don’t live near a store there are a couple of options that you can order online. I frequently use the Mask of Magnaminty

Last but certainly not least, we have bath bombs! These little babies make taking a bath much more fun. What better way to end your home pampering night with a nice bath. It could be one of my most favorite things. I recently picked up the Tisty Tosty because the dried flowers totally sucked me in and felt very festive… being that Valentines Day is coming and all.

There’s also fun tutorials all over Pinterest on how to make your own. I have yet to try one, but it’s on the list.


So there you have it friends, my favorite items to do an at home spa day! Who needs an actual spa anyway?? The wonderful thing is you’ll have leftovers of your hair and face masks, so you can have home spa days for the next couple weeks! My favorite day is Sundays. Gives you a nice reset before starting your new week!!

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