When I started this blog, I told myself that I was going to scour Pinterest and make sure that every DIY project had something a little bit different than what was out there. Make it a little more exciting. Add my own touch. Make it unique. However, this DIY does not meet that criteria. It’s pretty much one of the most basic DIY’s ever, and you can probably find some other blogs with the same tutorial. But that’s okay because I love how it turned out. The good news is, if you don’t consider yourself a crafty/creative person, this is for you!! Yes you. You are totally capable of thrift shopping and spray painting.

It all started with Cyber Monday… I scored a KILLER deal on a picture frame ledge from Pottery Barn. I’ve been eyeing these ledges forever, and have gone back and forth between attempting to build one myself or just buying one. Cyber Monday sealed the deal. It only took me 2 months to actually put the ledge to use. Whoops. But hey, it’s finally up and I’m super happy with how it turned out!!

Instead of buying frames from the usual Target or Hobby lobby, I took to the Thrift Stores and found some old frames there. I don’t think I’ll ever be buying new picture frames again. Not only did I save loads of money, it also took very little time. Let’s get to business.


  • Ugly old frames
  • Spray paint (I used Krylon Paint+Primer in Deep Grey, Modern White, and Catalina Mist. Snatch them up here)
  • Pictures
  • Pre-cut Mat (I purchased this style)

I originally planned on adding a gold and silver leaf design to the frames (this was how I was going to make it my own design), but I loved how they looked after just spray paint. So, I kept them super simple. Maybe I’ll get bored with them and add some gold leaf later on. I’ll keep ya updated.

To start, remove the backing and glass out of all the frames. Now, warning, apparently glass is breakable, so be extra careful when removing glass from the frames. I somehow managed to break two of the pieces. Whoops. Good news is, if you have incredible Hulk strength like me, you can snag replacement glass on the cheap from the Hobby Lobs. Whew. There was also a frame that had funky staples in the back and I wasn’t able to remove the glass. For that frame, I placed butcher paper over the glass and taped off the edges with painters tape. As I was taping, I tried to slide the tape slightly under the actual frame to make sure and avoid any paint on the glass. After all your frames are ready, give them a good washing. I just took warm water with a splash of vinegar and scrubbed lightly with a sponge to remove any dirt and debris.

Now that your frames are prepped, time to paint. Head to the outdoors, preferably on a nice calm day.  I used a large box and placed the frames on top and got to business. The key to spray painting is to use long continuous strokes and spray paint past where the frame ends. This will prevent thick drops of paint from forming. ALSO, get spray paint that contains primer to save yourself an extra step. It will take 3-4 coats of paint to get a solid finish. One frame that I bought had a deeper wood grain. As I was painting that frame, the grain started showing through and I LOVED it! So, for that frame, I kept the coats light to keep the grain detailing. Once you’ve finished, allow the frames to dry for the amount of time directed on the paint can.

Here’s the spiffy frame with the wood grain showing.

Now that your frames are dry, time to put pictures in! I am in love with pre-cut mat to use inside your frames. It definitely gives your pictures and frames a more professional look and higher end feel. They are also only a few bucks! Totally worth it. I arranged all of the frames, and here is the finished product!


I decided the ledge needed just a little something extra, so I snagged some adorable little vases from Hobby Lobby and added yellow flowers. It gave the ledge just the extra bit of pop that it needed!





My goal for each room of the house is to have a base color scheme, and then have easily interchangeable accessories (ex. flowers, pillow covers). For the living room, the base scheme is grey, white and teal and the current pop of color for spring is yellow. Looks like I’ll need to make some yellow pillow covers in the near future. Stay tuned.

For now, here is the finished look. Yes, we still have a futon that I had in high school. It used to have a pretty fantastic purple velvet cover. So at least it has a more adultlike look with the tan cover! One day we’ll upgrade the futon… one day.

We have a spoiled dog, and basically the futon is her personal couch.



Happy thrifting and happy spray painting!!