Do you have that one piece in your wardrobe that you absolutely love, but you’re intimidated to wear? The piece that you always walk by and think “I really need to wear that”, but then reach for your usual go-to, something that doesn’t make you nervous to wear.

Mine is a hat. Not a baseball hat. I’ll throw one of those on, no problem. But the beautiful rancher style hats that are so popular right now. I love them. Every time we go to a store that has these hats, I try them on. The hubs gifted me a casual taupe rancher for Christmas this year. For our anniversary the year before last, he bought me a beautiful burnt orange and blush wool rancher that I’ve only worn once. That was for our  maternity pictures. What a waste of a beautiful hat!!

So why don’t I wear these hats I love so much more often?  To be honest, I feel silly. I feel like I can’t quite pull them off. Or maybe it’s that I kind of feel like a “poser”. What exactly I’m posing as, I’m not too sure.  Maybe I feel like I’m posing as someone that’s cooler than I actually am. That I don’t quite fit the mold for this style of hat. Or, now that I’m a mom and all, I should have more “mom-like” style, and the hat just doesn’t quite fit into that, and then I’ll look like I’m trying too hard. It basically comes down to the fear of what other people will think. The fear of  being judged on all of the above things. That’s why I hardly wear these hats that I love so much.  I like to think of myself as very confident in who I am, so it’s difficult to admit that I succumb to that fear. But I do. All. The. Time.

However, my mantra for this year is “no fear”. No fear of rejection. No fear of failing. No fear of not being good enough. No fear of being judged. No fear of looking silly. No fear of wearing these dang hats!! It’s amazing how much fear holds me back. This year, I shall overcome. And next year. And the year after that. I’m a work in progress, people.

This year, I’m wearing the hat with confidence. OH and huge plus, a hat totally hides my unwashed mom hair. Who doesn’t want that??! I’ll take 5 hats please.

Without further ado, here’s the hats that have me so worked up…


Maternity photo cred goes to the super talented Kayla Kitts Photography

So there you have it friends. My fear of hats. Who knew a fashion accessory could run so deep?? If you feel like snagging yourself a lovely Rancher hat, here are a few of my faves:

A nice neutral from Target: Felt Rancher by Merona

A few faves currently at Anthropologie: Lorena Beaded Rancher and Esmire Wool Rancher

A nice pop of color from Nordstrom: Wesley Wool Fedora in Burgundy

I’m curious, anyone else out there have something they never wear but love?? Am I alone in this silly fear???  Time to start overcoming our fashion fears and add those {flairy} pieces to our wardrobe 😉


Your Flairy… attempting to be fearless…Godmother (I think I might embrace this title… I don’t know, what do ya think?)

My hat fetish dates way back. I mean, was I stylin’ or what?? I need to get back to this little girl who was unafraid to wear a super awesome hat.